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Role Playing - The Heart of Ani-WoW

New items, quests, and characters are being created for an expansive story line that we are working on currently. We hope to bring many new features from this development. One of our favorites so far is the Mail Flare: no longer will you have to track back to town for mail, just pull your flare out and call the mail courier!

Date: 2024-06-21

EmuDevs: A Great Partner to Have

Starting this journey of bringing Ani-WoW back has been a challenge; however, having a support system and an archive of useful information has been invaluable to us as we continue to explore, research, and learn WoW emulation best practices.

Date: 2024-06-16

Core Selection: AzerothCore

When we decided to start working on Ani-WoW again, we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing. Much research went into choosing the correct core. Ultimately, the robust features that AzerothCore offers won us over.

Date: 2024-06-16

Website Construction: A New Chapter

After much deliberation and consideration, we have decided to go with Flask as the backend and Tailwind CSS on the frontend. We're excited to get started with offering many great services with amazing quality.

Date: 2024-06-16

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