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Welcome to Ani-WoW

Welcome to Ani-WoW

Take the time to meet new people!


Changes Are Coming

Changes Are Coming

Stick around to see all changes!

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Welcome one and all.

It has been awhile and I think a reintroduction is in due order.

I'm Deathst or now I go by the alias Anraza Val'tieri in games. I WAS the Developer for Ani-WoW back in TBC/Vanilla days so it is good to see you all here!

You can also catch me on the community Discord too!

I'm certainly looking forward to bringing the servers back up for all of us to hang out on. No stress, no crazy stuff. We are here to reunite our friends and catch up.





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Hello there! 

Its Shadowwolf from Konoha‚ÄĒformer Hunter and guild owner of Guardians of Ani-wow. (At one point even was a Game Master‚ÄĒalthough this was near the end)

i go by Wolfenheim now.

 I’m psyched to hear about the new game plan. Playing ani-wow was by far my favorite time playing wow.

Thanks again Anraza! You da man!

looking forward to meeting the other staff!

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